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Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together by Sylvia Bernstein

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This is a full tour of my vegetable garden. I can’t stop talking about hydrogen peroxide. I show you how I manage flea beetles on my egg plant. I walk through all my earth beds and end with the harvest.

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Title: Mycelium Running( How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World) Binding: Paperback Author: PaulStamets Publisher: TenSpeedPress
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Todays video is on Some very Useful Gardening Terms You Must know for successful gardening at home including vegetable gardening or container gardening. This is Gardening glossary and Gardening Basics Part 1 video.
The terms involved in plant care and gardening tips discussed in the video are:

1. Guirella Gardening:
2. Leaf Galls / Leaf Bumps:

3. Deadheading
4. Humus
5. Hardening off
6. Biological Pest Control:
7. Chlorosis:
8. Foliar Feeding or Fertilizing:
9. Worm Casting or Vermicompost: T
10. Damping off

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