Vegetable Gardening: How to Plan a Highly Productive Garden

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Growing your own food is a great way to save money and eat more healthily so it’s important to make the most of the space you have available.

Whether you’re starting a new garden or working with the same space as last year, a few simple changes can greatly improve your harvest.

In this video we explain 5 ways that you can improve your garden’s productivity and give step-by-step instructions which you can start using in your garden today.

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Sandya Medagoda says:

Thanks for sharing these lovely videos ❤️

Frank Burns says:

Poor slugs…just trying to have a little beer while enjoying the garden, and wham!  On the other hand, you gotta go sometime, and drowning in beer has to beat most ways.  So, slugs:  sorry, not sorry!

Emma louise, Home grown from seed to plate says:

hi great videos very informative for a newbie, im in the process of planing my fruit and veg garden im choosing to build 2ft high raised bed for many reason i can't just plant in the ground due to having pets children very bad soil and the list goes on , and id like it as a bit of a feature so my question is what the best soils that i can go out a buy reasonably do i use to fill my raised beds with? im going down the organic root and will also be building a worm compost too for the future use for worm casting and worm tea 🙂

Angel Kong says:

hey would like know why black soil r perfect for growing green vegets & beans (gardening) ? t.q

Shimson Tiberian says:

wow way more difficult than I thought


Thank for the video

Just Me says:

Wow, really great channel! Well done! Thank you very much for the informative and easy to follow videos :)) ♡

Claire Major says:

Great tips!

Panqueca De Mel says:

 OMG!!!! Those videos are so amazing! I loved it! You teach so well how to do things, it is really great! keep doing it pleaseeeeee >.< 
(ooh, and I am sorry if there is anything wrong with my English…)

Ana Daniela Vial says:

Hi Guys, good video! I am a total beginner, but I never give up. I have been trying many times to grow tomatoes on pots, but they died :''( now I sew the seedling inside the house and moved them out so they are growing yeay!. I transplanted the plant and I put lot of crashed egg shells on the bottom. I have concerns about the fertilizer, I prepare the soil with cow manure and soil for vegetable, but don't know when add more fertilizer, I have two bottles with liquid fertilizer named seasol, one is for veggies and tomatoes and the other it says fish food. One cap is for 9 lts, and my veg garden is 3 meters by 2 mts. I live in a subtropical area, so we get a long of rain on Summer and winter temperatures are about 20 degrees. I am also trying with bush beans, but I don't why they started getting small dark holes on the leaves. I water the plant every two days when we have not gotten any rain. Also beetroot is a pain in the butt, I have beautiful seedlings, but they never grow, or lettuce I have an small greenhouse with a plastic lead and holes that you can cover to keep moisture or let the air come in, but the lettuce start growing ok, but then they just simple died. I don't know if is too much moisture or not enough air is very frustrating snif 🙁  any help is much appreciated. 

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