Gardening With Cody 12017 Week 13: Its finally finished!

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I give an update of the bee’s queen situation and work through the night and day to finish the aquaponic system.

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Liam Bartosiewicz says:

Do you still plan on doing the 100 layers of liquids?

krisnadi imam says:

turkey doesnt taste as good as free range chicken doesnt they? they had lots of meat, but pretty bland imho. or did i just cooked it wrong?

Mario Joia says:

Are you going to make another tea just like you did with the juniper shavings?

Andrew Smith says:

Hey Cody. In leu of the vacuum chamber videos it got me thinking about space and stuff and was wondering if you might do a video on how one might "space proof" electronics?

Stark Music says:

I keep bees myself and the method I use to prevent swarming is catching the queen (because they need a queen to swarm). After that they start feeding the larvae 'royal jelly' which will make them full grown queen in 12 days depending on weather. Then you open all the cases (i dont know the word sorry) the queens are in and catch them as well. Then you put one of the queens back.

Ofcourse it is quite riskful because the bees might not notice their queen is missing in time and thus will not be able to 'transform' their larvae in queens.

Sorry for bad English, while you might not fulle understand it i hope this will be useful.

Random Person says:

Incredible! I am watching someone garden in the year 12017!

Blue Jay says:

I work at home depot and I was really eyeing how you were spreading your silicone in the first couple hydro vids you put up. A shame to lose that callus.

Uncle Ruckus says:

Brought to you from the year 12017, where humans are still not extinct or on another planet

Magicblaster4 says:

Thanks for putting so much effort into these videos, it really pays off.

reese fobes says:

Oh, you call them mud wasps up north. Down here in the Deep South, we call them Dirt Dobbers. We don't like to think of them too much as wasps, they eat spiders and any other thing that tends to bother us, and DON'T go batshit crazy if you walk within 100 feet of their nest. There is a small active nest (probably under construction, only reason why it is active) inside my car, I just leave it. They don't bother me, I don't bother them. They eat things that DO bother me, I have loose piles of fine dirt everywhere, that slowly disappear over the course of a week. Win win.

Alex Cisneros says:

Cody:"you see those are beet seedlings"
me:*admires how cute they look*
Cody:"these actually look like weeds"*rips life out of them*
me:*dies inside*

LegoBatman666 says:

Goh damn thanks guys :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Jay Tuber says:

Dead or sick trees also are homes for millions of earwigs I personally tore down a sick tree and hundreds of thousands of them started entering my house and infesting everything

Nicholi Martin says:

My dad and I used to raise about 1000 chickens and about 8 turkeys. We didn't have them in a pen at all, they just wandered around the house for the most part. They would follow my dad around since he used to feed them.

ceputza says:

why do you assume we can spot the queen? I can't

ArachneNet says:

2:41 ah, there is a handful of bees. Cody is probably one of few who would actually consider reaching in and picking them up by hand XD

TwIzTiD Marc says:

cody hire me as a farm hand u live the life man

Raio Verusia says:

oh my gosh turkey chicks are so cute!

Nano papa says:

You are awesome man I have subscribed you by my other Gmail account when you had only 100 subscribers

Jaz Hulsey says:

it looks good cody. been watching you work on this for awhile now. at first i honestly thought using the buckets would look tacky but it ended up looking really good. keep up the videos my man

Cody Bond says:

i never knew i wanted pet turkeys until i saw this video.

Jin Laihook says:

How old is this and how long ago did you leave to mars?

Logan Sampson says:

cody should do an update on the terrarium

Jason Axford says:

Cody, sleep is important. Don't deprive yourself even if you're super keen on a project. The damage to your brain isn't worth it.

Subzerofreeze The coldest channel around! says:

You have to make a homoculus!!!i

sleeperfox302x says:

Just cut it out with the whole 12017 year crap. The year is 2017 AD, no matter how much you want it will NEVER change.

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