Pros & Cons of the Black Plastic Used in Vegetable Gardening : Garden Space

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Black plastic used in vegetable gardening has its fair share of pros and cons depending on what you’re growing. Find out about the pros and cons of the black plastic used in vegetable gardening with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Angela Price
Filmmaker: Nick Brosco

Series Description: Vegetable gardening always requires you to keep a few important things in mind, from the soil you use to beneficial insects and everything in between. Get a variety of tips on vegetable gardening with help from a gardening professional in this free video series.


Paula C says:

I have tall grass growing in my landscape.. why. I used weed cloth. I used grass and weed killer. look like the grass got tall over night ..i put mulch of course after planted my begonias.

Rich Cain says:

woven poly is porous, and just burn the holes. Much better.

kokodog15 says:

The shirt should have went before you made the video and was very annoying…had to turn your video OFF because of it! Have some class people before you make a video!!

Kevin Keel says:

i'm sorry but do you have any evidence to suggest that plastic mulch will leach into the soil?

John J says:

your voice is serious annoying.

Phuck Ewe says:

Can weeds grow through the black cloth? I've seen weeds do through walls I would think they could make it past some cloth.

Sabine RiverAuthority says:

Besides all the benefits mentioned I want to use plastic to stop fungus from splashing up on my tomatoes when it rains. If the weed cloth is pourus then it won't prevent the splash. Also I want to prevent overwatering from the rain, which causes my tomatoes to crack. For my interest I don't see this as a good alternative.

vasmikey says:

what about irrigation?  Do you put soaker hoses underneath?

6970Brad says:

lol  Love your shirt!! Don't be wearing that one when the zombies show up!!  
hehehe   ; )

Dan Murphy says:

Mulch Film is what I am looking into manufacturing?  Much, much cheaper & greener than what I see out there now. 

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