Growing a Winter Vegetable Garden – UPDATE & COMPOSTING

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In this video I go over our fall winter vegetable garden & talk about composting. Updates on the kale, spinach, onions, collard greens, cilantro & lettuce the we have in our raised beds.
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In this Gardening YouTube video, I show you how our fall & winter garden has progressed & also how I compost in my other beds over the winter & spring.

If you missed my 1st Fall Garden video you can check it out here: , but we recently planted in our raised bed garden, kale, cilantro, collard greens, lettuce, & spinach. And so far, our fall garden is doing great here on the homestead!

I must say I am super stoked about how the salanova lettuce is doing. Salanova lettuce has been made popular by the now famous urban farmer, Curtis Stone, & so far it has impressed me. The flavor of the Salanova lettuce is quite lovely, buttery at first & then a slight bitter flavor at the end, but when I first had the Salanova lettuce in the seed trays, it did not look so good, but within a week after being planted in the soil, it has just taken off & looks fabulous!

Hands down, as I have stated in the past, but my fav kale has to be the red russian kale variety. It is so easy to grow, & it is so good! And that variety of kale has never let me down! My kale, as always, looks great this fall & we will most def be eating it all winter & all the way to spring!

So far, both types of perennial onions I planted for the fall & winter, are looking great. I purchased the yellow potato onion, & then another great YouTube channel, 2 cedars micro farm, sent me some egyptian walking onions, which are another perennial onion. Here is a link to their youtube channel : Be sure to go check them out & let them know that Cog Hill sent you over there!

My Alabama blue collards also are doing great, but I am having a huge weed issue right now bc of the unusual hot temperatures we are having. I typically do not have a weed issue in December, but since it’s been steady 75 plus degrees all autumn & now into winter, the weeds are still here, hanging around in my garden!

And it is even worse in my spinach bed! The weeds are just taking aver. My spinach actually looks good, but the weeds are starting to suppress the spinach. I am going to have to get in there & pull some weeds & then mulch the garden with chopped leaf mulch & cardboard to try & knock the weeds down. And that is what I did with the cilantro, & it has really stopped the weeds in their tracks!

Now I do not plant in all my raised garden beds. I try to have a type of crop rotation so I can add vital nutrients back into the soil & I do this by adding compostable material to the garden beds & let it break down over time, & once it is broken down, I will start planting my vegetables in them. I just layer the beds with livestock manure, & grass clipping, leaf & straw mulch, feathers, kitchen scraps, etc….and this really does build your soil up & you can really tell it when you pull back the mulch & you see hundreds of earthworms everywhere! That’s a good thing!

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Cog Hill Farm -Jason Smith says:

What's happening your fall-winter garden?? Good year so for?
Thanks for watching! In case you missed last video on the fall garden, here's a link to it:
Y'all have a wonderful day!!!-Jason

Terra Ranch says:

I burst out laughing every time I watch your birds running out of the coop. Priceless! Great video. Love your energy! Hugs❤️

Sylhet Farm House says:

Very nice farming

Rhonda Montiel says:

I am with ya. I hate pulling stuff up too. Someday I would be so thrilled if I could get just a little bit of those walking onions and that asparagus from you. It just means so much more if it comes with a story. I am planting a food forest here for my grandkids. Not begging just maybe someday.

John Norris says:

In this week's episode of Frontier Garden with Samuel Dale…

Chick-a-Woof Ranch says:

Loving your fall garden! We planted some walking onions as well this year and I am really excited to see what happens with those… they say you can't kill them… we'll see. Keep dancing!

kayp626 says:

Jason, my mom used to mix a little mustard greens in with her turnip greens when she cooked them. Maybe you would like it better that way??

Ron Impens says:

Fall garden? Dude, it’s 17 degrees Fahrenheit here. My fall garden is leaves and wood chips. I’d love to have a fall garden, but I enjoy 4 seasons and can’t tolerate summer heat.

Hidden Meadow Farm -The Urban Homestead says:

You got it going on dude. Happy farming !

Olivia S. says:

Your garden is looking good!

Kerrie G. says:

We just luv your videos & channel!  Such great info & so entertaining :0)

Nancy Fahey says:

Weatherbug says Selma, Alabama is 39°F. Are they screwed up or did you move? I like putting new website locations on weather bug cause they give me a map of where you are and weather of course.

1HappyCountryMOM says:

…….the chicken run…….❗

Larry Sowada says:

Great vido, great vibs, great tunes but miss your great moves at the end of your videos. Larry


Great vid. Have you tried other root crops like radish, carrots or beets?
All the best to you.

Nancy Battle says:

Jason, thought I had to put on a bathing suit a few days ago..NOW, on Dec. 6th it is 39 deg.! I have a gorgeous garden of carrots, mustard gr., Romain & Red Leaf Lettuce, curly Kale and TOMATOES !!…my 3 Bell Pepper plants turned a light color and when I dumped chicken coup shavings in the middle of the rows, EVERYTHING CAME ABSOLUTELY ALIVE…now I am on my 3rd harvest of Bell Peppers ….I covered a few explosed plants last night because of the cold, rainy night…on Thurs. it is supposed to be 28 deg….by the way, I covered both chicken yards with bird netting except in a corner where I have Live Oaks and don't you know, a #@$ Hawk killed one of my young egg layers in that nest of trees….HE NOW HAS KILLED 5 OF MY CHICKENS !!! Not giving up on solving that problem YET…green house has Meyer Lemon, Mandarian, Satsuma & tom….I have a red warming light hanging in it and a nursery lady told me that the MOST IMP. THING TO DO FOR WINTERING THEM IS COVERING ROOT SYS. WITH CARDBOARD to protect those roots. I started my garden in Sept. so now I'm reaping the reward ! ha! Nancy

LangFamilyFarmsLA says:

Been so warm here I still have a tomato plant trying to make fruit!

North Dakota Pink says:

Hi Jason, good video. The temperature this morning is 30 degrees too cold for a fall Garden yet I don't know cuz I'm still at beginner. As you said learning. I do enjoy feeding my family with the vegetables that I have grown knowing that there's no chemicals. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

LangFamilyFarmsLA says:

In our fall garden we are mostly growing soil. layering tons of organic material and letting the chickens turn it for us. We are going to be posting a few videos on it soon. Great info in this video! Keep them coming!

Daybird Aviaries says:

Another awesome video. I like the garlic growing in the greens.

When you get enough extras of those onions to share, I'd like to buy some starts from you.

Christine Osborne says:

Hello Jason great video. Thank you.

Two Cedars Micro Farm says:

Jason, I really enjoy your channel. You do a great job, Winter garden looks great. The Egyptian onions will spread FAST. And Thank For the shout out.

Richard family farm Homestead says:

The kale looks awesome, I’m curious about what type of weed that is that you have

Gustav Eklund says:

Hello from Åtvidaberg

Lunatic Dad says:

Good work bro thumbs up my friend

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