Vegetable Garden — Weed Control using Cultivators

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Vegetable Garden — Mechanical cultivation in the home vegetable garden. Controlling weeds in the home vegetable garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in South Louisiana at


Kobe Wade says:

What is your row spacing ?

MM Reporter says:

Are you still making videos?

scrowty mcbugerballs says:

how about that quick hitch on your tractor ? does it work ?I am thinking about getting one ,i hate changing out attachments by myself.

JohnnyRebKy says:

Gotta admire a man who is honest.
I could carry those out of there but I'm just to darn lazy LOL. amen brother I feel the same way! That's why we buy expensive toys so we can work less 🙂

Buck Creek, Ky

Tom Primeau says:

You da man. Thanks, buddy.

joe hanna says:

Web cajun, thanks again for the awesome video. My garden here is going good at three acres. Going to buy one of these cultivators for next season corn crop. I'm nervous about it because of the work i'm adding but my wife says we need it at the market. You were one of my first inspirations years ago.

Jim Edwards says:

nice red dirt.. we dont have that up here in the north. great videos . always enjoy watching and learing

jessica kiefer says:

Oh Webcajun, am I glad to have found you!!!!  I just bought a fully equipped farm here in Mississippi….. The last time I fooled with a garden I was a kid…. well, I planted this big garden and I'm drowning in weeds, thanks to all the rain we've had.  I've got this exact piece of equipment and didn't know how to use it….. I've been out there pulling and hoeing and killing myself trying to get the weeds out…. they are growing faster than I can keep up…. got a bad back…. I'm going, as soon as daylight comes, to adjust mine like you did.  I can't wait to try it out!!!!!  Thanks a million!!!  Do you have any more videos on how to use farm equipment?????  Don't want to break any of this expensive stuff I bought…. been scared to use it until I know how.  Or a video on how to change the oil or hydrolic fluid on a tractor???  Or how to tune one up???

Wade Brinson says:

Donald! What is that on your tractor?If you stop the video at 2:55 it looks like a grey dog head or something. Solve the mystery!


Sidney Mathious says:

You and I think alike when it comes to doing things the easy way if possible. I know about using a hoe to clean out grass and it wasn't fun and wished we was growing a garden as a teen with my grandfather. Getting a cultivator is my next purchase after seeing how important it is to keeping the garden taken care of.

Joseph M says:

I like your style. Is your cultivator called a "Ford" cultivator ?

Michael Karnuth says:

Webcajun, great looking garden!
My wife and I are putting in a larger garden this season, one I can employ the use of my garden tractor and attachments in! So needless to say I am new to gardening with the use of tractors. Your video is very helpful!

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