GreenFun: Beginner Vegetable Gardener in Ottawa Canada and his Garden Part I

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This is my video diary of my first year of gardening. It’s a bit long, but it’s a big garden! Hopefully I’ll get some feedback on how to make it better, this year and in the future.


Student Accommodation Homestay says:

Find May 08th is still chilly to plant tomatoes and peppers outside in Ottawa. Lettuce, kale, carrots, peas and certain other green leaves, like Swiss chard likes it cool. You are doing a great job. I am in Ottawa as well. Thanks for sharing.

Australian Honey Products says:

Having your tomatoes die within days is common! Don't worry about it. Just plant heaps of seedlings and keep a few back inside just incase. Growing seedlings is easy so putting them out early is worth the risk.

Keely Bays says:

Thanks for sharing!


Great video. I really like your video. I've subscribed to your channel and I look forward to following you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

butterfliesxox says:

That was such a cute video. 🙂 Lettuce made me laugh too. I guess I won't have a hard time growing lettuce. I just moved to Kingston from Toronto so I'm getting my learnin' on. 🙂

IAmEverEvolving_YT says:

This was great to watch! Lettuce part was hilarious!

Cheryl Wilson says:

don't know if this is true or not but I was always told to plant on May24 weekend or right after. Thats how I do it, I'm a newbie gardener too and that seems to work for me.

Sheds Direct Manchester says:

Very comprehensive video! I guess, growing different crops are very difficult but it would be very beneficial. Anyway, I enjoyed while learning good tips coming from your way. It will really help me a lot as well as to the garden beginners. 

TheZonedaydreamer says:

nice set up, very tidy!

1too3fore says:

Thank you!!! I was just trying to help. Some people tend to look for negativity. My responses would have been the same if I were young or my ripe old age now. I think people's egos tend to get in the way instead of accepting criticism. So what if you failed. Listen to the advice of those that have been at it and who have a natural talent for it. It's in my DNA; there are a ton of farmers in my family stretching back generations, so I was born good at it. Not everyone is that lucky.

VoytekR1 says:

Why so many negative votes. This person is not rude and actually giving quite a good advice. Companion planting is a must to Google, how else you gonna find out that planting kohlrabi next to tomatoes is a bad idea, however planting peppers is a good idea.

VoytekR1 says:

I'm in Langley BC and I was told not to transplant outside until temps are 10 deg + overnight. Very good advice considering plants such as tomatoes. Good luck gardening, it is so much fun isn't it ?

NemoNint says:

Just want to say, the bits about the lettuce made me really laugh out loud! Lettuce plants are definitely easy to grow, but your note about growing in the mulch where weeds can't was priceless.

swazilandirtbikes says:

That was one of THE BEST videos I have seen so far on youtube! The time just flew by. It was VERY interesting. Not too long, not too short. Informative! The best volume, no outside noise and a steady camera! THANK-YOU!

Linda Casey says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video … I don't feel so badly now … hope you did better in following years …

mark apprentice says:

One possible issue that you could be having is the depth of your soil….if those are 2x4s then you only have about 3.5 inches of soil….try 2x10s instead….or just add another set of 2x4s to your existing beds. Also….try to space your peas about 3 inches apart (the alaska ones looked like they are bunched together)

tessabianca says:

Seriously, though…I Love your layout and the soil looks good. As it is now 2013, I'm sure you've gotten a lot more experience and success as well 🙂

tessabianca says:

I hope you didn't try to eat that "asparagus" LOL I bet you did have a large amount of decorative plants though 🙂


Dry days and add mulch to protect from weeds.


It's a great garden i recommend that you plant the seeds in march in a green house or a large clear container or a mini greenhouse and leave them near your window or outside. Then when you plant them crumble the soil with a fork (the big one) and add compost or organic matter, add a lot of water when there are

peteyparty says:

What a shame that it just takes a few years of a small like minded community to exchange ideas and offer support to turn to a bunch of Internet naysayers. Keep up the good work man. You're on the ground working towards what you want and these posers will learn that you can't grow anything in an ivory tower. I don't know if you've read "growing more vegetables…" but it's been an invaluable resource for me. "grow" that healthy soil and plants will return the favor. Keep at it because intellige

VGibs says:

II live in Lanark county, as have my family for over 30 years. My mother has always said to NEVER put anything in the ground before May 24th. Good luck this year!

Carlos Pereira says:

big fail. the garden design is ok. everything else is pure fail, you've got a lot too learn, how embarrasing.

Richie yap chung says:

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1too3fore says:

Oh give me a break. Even when I started gardening at age 10, I knew enough to read the package the seeds and plants came in and paid attention to month to plant, spacing, depth, sun, etc. That is just common sense. If a kid knows enough to do that, then there's no excuse for adults.

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