Invasion Of The Bugs & Grubs Gardening in the Subtropics

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Invasion Of The Bugs & Grubs | Gardening in the Subtropics
G’Day Folks. I’ve been asked a few times about the pest issues we get here so thought I’d show you the three main ones we’re dealing with at the moment.
I’ve given a brief description of the treatments I use in the clip & will cover the roll of beneficial insects have to play in keeping pest numbers low in future clips.
Hope your gardens / aquaponics are pest free & booming.
🐟 🌱🍅
Cheers all.

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Queensland Fruit Fly Picture
By James Niland (Flickr: Queensland Fruit Fly – Bactrocera tryoni) [CC BY 2.0]


Rob Bob's Backyard Farm & Aquaponics says:

Thanks for watching folks & don't forget to click the subscribe button if you enjoyed the video.
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Cheers all & have a top one. 😊

ivyshy98 says:

that isn't a caterpillar problem, that's an infestation. bt really does the trick if you are willing to spray down the whole garden. it should work on all caterpillar types.

Sandra Clark says:

I have all those pests in my vegie patch…its a constant battle to squish them.

Steve Porter says:

I'm surprised your yard isn't full of maggies, butcherbirds, mickies, etc, all feeding on those caterpillars.

torpa15 says:

man those caterpillars are nuts… they mustn't taste very good to birds

jasonmushersee says:

as you know when it gets hot/dry bugs go after anything green and i hear it's been record hot in your area. i grow everything in the poly tunnel these days because of the insects deer & rabbits. keeps out most but i still fight baby grasshoppers, big green caterpillars boring holes through tomatoes and spiders making webs inside the broccoli. don't know how the hell they get in because it's totally sealed off in there with screen for ventilation. nothing bothers the cucumbers & potatoes grow very well outside in big tractor tires.

Jason Dallwitz says:

Hi Rob, just wanted to know do these insects contain any toxiins as bio defense mostly caterpillars and grasshoppers? Could they be fed to the fish as snacks? Great vids and good luck with the bugs.

Max Beefsteak says:

You really need to get them chickens setup, Could feed them for weeks on all those caterpillars!

Daniel Matthews says:

You need more potter wasps, these they work non-stop during daylight hours hunting and have never stung any of my children. If one comes close you just slow down, let it have a look at you and then move away. I think that people get irrational and try and kill them which is the worst thing to do. We even tolerate the paper wasps if they are up high and out of the way, however the butcher birds tend make a meal of their nests when they spot them. So don't spray anything that harms members of the Hymenoptera order.

Tony Baker says:

Bloody grasshoppers have been brutal out here in Laidley. The chooks are loving chasing them around however. Just wish they eat some more.

bluefrogs1986 says:

The pests we queenslands have to deal with…I thought this might interest you. It's a link to a clip from ABCs Gardening Australia about a new pest app put out by the Dep. of Agriculture and Food to help report and identity pests.

Liv Maher says:

What's your experience with using diatomaceous earth in dealing with critters?

Esunisen says:

Maybe you could let the chooks hunt them all ?

Kenneth Herndon says:

I all ways enjoy your videos , thank you for sharing . I live in the USA and it's a cold one this year so I enjoy seeing things growing now when I'm just starting to sprout things .

Brendan Mac says:

Are you referring to the eco neem oil from bunnings that says not to use it on food crops ?. The reason I say this is I get cold pressed neem for my plants from Neemoil dot com dot au and it its cold pressed. Ive looked at the nsw poisons schedule and its listed as a poison but with a stack of exceptions.

Ron Szegleti says:

Hi Rob,
Ron from Silverdale, Washington.
I was going to suggest Neem oil mixed with Dr. Bronner’s soap. I use a Hudson sprayer/atomizer. Had to use it only once at the start of the growing season with Great success!
Can’t believe that your government bans Neem oil. It’s organic and nontoxic.

Todd Larsen says:

I've had some similar pests here in the states as far as the green worms and spidermites not sure if you have companies that sell predatory insects where you live or not but I've used Praying mantis, predatory mites, and parasitic wasps, and white flyes to help combat some of the pests. Great video and thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍

Gazelle Daily says:

Thanks, Great Video

Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb) says:

Time to bring back DDT! :/ Still waiting for you to bring back some chickens. Greetings from CT, it was -20C here this morning. 😉

Steven Gockij says:

Can't get Neem oil in Canada either. So one time I sprayed Canola oil on my pepper plants to kill the mites. Killed the peppers too. Since then I'll no longer consume Canola oil at all.
So what did I do with the the Canola oil I still own but will no longer eat? I rub it on the wooden handles on my shovels and such as a wood preserver.
Good luck dealing with your current situation and thank you for all your good videos.

ilovemywife2685 says:

Rob, use the wettable sulfur every 3 days for a couple weeks. Sulfur doesn't kill the eggs. I have had to deal with the russet mites. There the worst, just as broad mites. Neem oil wouldn't even phase those mites anyhow.

Chris Towerton says:

46.6C/116F down in Penrith yesterday, but fortunately only 43% humidity 🙂

Peter Montgomery says:

You need to get the chicken army back and let them lose!

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