Asian Vegetable Garden

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(10/11/03) Host Steve Owens talks about vegetables that are primarily used in Asian cuisine and can be grown in an Oklahoma vegetable garden.


Wen Ying Lefebvre says:

i like this video so much, i'm Chinese woman in french,here i cant buy many asia vegetable, i plant a little for eat.i will plant again this year.thans to share this video with me.

Kim Luu says:

Love this video and this is one beautiful garden. Just want to share one of my favorite dishes: minced up the lemongrass, (the part near the root) stir fry together with garlics , onions add sirloin steak (make sure you slice the beef thinly), salt, pepper and soy sauce, serve with steam rice or brown rice. Quick and tasty!

RGL4898 says:

boil the lemon grass together with crushed ginger add some honey afterwards, you'll have a delicious aromatic tea.

Kimberly Cabanas says:

Lemongrass has a pretty good reputation for repelling mosquitoes. I grow it for cooking, but even if you plant this pretty, tall grass near an outdoor sitting area, it could help your evenings be a little more bug free. It also handles container planting very well. In terms of cooking, if you're a fan of hot and sour soup, a Thai version of that is Tom Yum soup, which primarily consists of lemongrass and chili. It has a nice balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy, which Thai cooking is notorious for.

Rawnizer says:

This video is awesome

tiarabvang says:

My grandparents had all of those plants. It bought back many happy memories of playing in their garden as a child.

hearty hearts says:

Malabar is one of my faves. Typically, we just saute it together with a little ground beef, mushrooms then just add salt and pepper to taste. From Philippines here. ^_^

LovelyRosy says:

We actually use Malabar Spinach as one of the herb for cooking our chicken stock especially for women after delivery to boost their strength.

GingerRootable says:

What a wasteful gardener all that lemon grass just wasted!

ghayath2011 says:

Beautiful garden

Hannah Daniel says:

Steve, you can cut one stalk and plant in a pot, individually, you dont have to bunch it up taking the roots with it. It will grow roots by itself. Annie Malaysia

kemangi says:

Hi Steve, that is a very nice garden and what you do is great!  I am Indonesian, I grow some of those herbs in my small garden here but in about two months we have to move to Austria, sad…i have to leave my  garden and say good bye to my pandanus, kaffir lime, lemon grass and some other herbs. Btw, i would like to ask you whether it is possible or not to grow those such herbs in Vienna? Thank you very much….waiting for your answer…

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