Vegetable Garden update and a small Home built futuristic self contained aquaponic garden

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A quick video on my aquaponics system. also a portable system that is fully automated small and portable.


floot says:

This is an aquaponic system, and a nice one. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH HYDRPONICS. Please stop. They can be compared but seriously people who wish to do aquaponics are legends,…. Hydrponics may 'win' the game but they are 2 different systems…

Susan Margaret says:

This Hydroponic Program  is so full of good information and ideas for me and my beginning career in Hydroponic gardening. I am ready to expand from my fish pond to a full Hydroponicsystem. Great book. Many thanks for creating such an informative and easy to understand system and videos. Hydroponics4you taught me more than I ever imagined about Hydroponic systems [ Check Details Here ===> ]. I have learned things that are making a huge difference in my gardening. I would recommend your program to anyone, no matter if they have years of Hydroponics experience of if they are complete beginners on the subject."

patrick rodgers says:

you were meticulous and putting your garden together it is absolutely amazing

Danelo Mikhaylivskiy says:

Looking awesome

Alice Edwards says:

Again thank you very much for your time and videos they're quite informative and useful have a great day.
Hey East Siders please read 1 Corinthians 15:33 that explains why Christians only, 
Vaughn Maleki how is your co-op community going ?

KHRN2014 says:

Beautiful design! Thanks for sharing!

Vaughn Malecki says:

That us just simply beautiful. I'm looking for Christian farmers who want to start a co-op community in SE Michigan if anyone is interested we should talk.

nicholascremato says:

You need to go to a dual pump setup so  if one goes out the other will keep running. then in the morning you can repair the pump but lose no fish

Kalvin One says:

well done. they are beautiful !

sayhello2pedro says:

I love your work Aceman and I am really happy to see the progress in your aquaponics system. Thank you for sharing, keep it up.

Alejandro VM says:

great design man!!! hope it's wroking fine.

Aceman307 says:

Yes I keep worms in this system.

rodsboots says:

How hard are trout. We tried to get Tilapia here in Albuquerque but can't. I thought about trout but heard they are kinda picky with temps.

Thomas Paxton says:

very creative setup. id imagine youve had tons of improvements/developments since this video. great job!

Alex Freire says:

your fish in breathing way too fast! something is wrong with water quality! test it!
if nothing comes out wrong see parasite in the gills or anything else could be burning it.

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