Guild Wars 2 – New Gardening Feature Added & Joko Attacks Central Tyria

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WoodenPotatoes says:

I always get (probably unecessarily) scared uploading after a bit of a break, but hi guys!

Johnathan Walker says:

I wish that it wasn't gemstore exclusive. The home instances finally get some of the love they deserve but it's behind a paywall? That's too bad :/ Maybe I'll pick it up one day, though. Now we need fishing! 🙂

Lance LeDuc says:

We don't have a subscription fee as I have no problem pay paying for some features.

Rexus Nexus says:

Dear WP: The Devs listen to you and so does the entire community. I have a computer that can run Destiny 2 and all the top AAA FPS games at ultra settings with a fiber-optic broadband internet connection in the USA, yet GW2 will crawl when too many people are around – especially in the new PoF maps. There are many forum posts about this and they simply say to lower your graphical settings – UNACCEPTABLE! GW2 should never be running at 10-18 frames per second – ever. I am asking you to please do a video on this topic. Why is the game so poorly optimized and someday will ArenaNet attempt to optimize GW2 to run much smoother at a consistent 30-60 frames per second? Maybe you can offer some suggestions in the video as to how ArenaNet could manage such a feat. I love GW2 and I want the game to continue to grow, so maybe in the next big patch (or the one after) ArenaNet could to some tweaking and optimizing of the game engine or servers or whatever is causing the slow frames per second.

Also, since a recent patch, GW2 crashes all of the time. It freezes or won't boot up. I've submitted bug reports and my computer is top-notch. What is going on with this game?

Thank you.

Dominic Graziano says:

Were I to do this feature I'd probably make the plot available to everyone but gate additional customization and additional plots behind gems.

ThatCho says:

I’m glad the WP content drought is over. Excited for more videos.

maz00 says:

They only allow 2 gardening plot purchases, yet there is a third empty plot. I'm wondering if they'll eventually roll out a free plot for all players.


With an endless list of cool new features to add, they chose cash shop gardening? wow and lul

Divinespite says:

I don't like that gardening is in the gem store. Why couldn't they give us some kind of quest or something that would reward us with the gardening plots. Buying it with gems is just cheap… don't like it. It's almost P2W kinda feature.

Cablefish says:

This is way worse than mount skin raffle! This is like real ingame content locked behind the gemstore. That kinda sucks…

Scott Irving says:

The Gardening Feature should NOT be locked behind the Gem Store, some people don't buy things off of it at all! I despise locking content behind some type of wall for players!

Terren Bruce says:

Even if ANet could get us to Raid Wing 10 this year it would be a mistake. This isn't a raiding game. But you know very well they're not going to put THAT much resources into it so I don't know why you build expectations. There will be 2-3 raid wings this year. Even if they added new people to the team and really got their groove on that just might make one wing each quarter possible. And that is only if they make it a huge focus this year. That's still only 4 raid wings.

Even if they could magically put so many raid wings out at no cost to the other content releases I personally STILL wouldn't want them to. Because that wouldn't magically increase the rewards they put into the game that aren't from the gem store. And each raid release HAS to have unique rewards apparently. Because of that each raid actually takes away from the rewards for the other game modes. And ALL of the other game modes are more casual friendly and speak more to GW2's audience.

So no. 2-3 raid wings a year are fine for me and I think for most of GW2's audience as well. Unless ANet has metrics that show raiding players spend more on the gem store than open world/story players I don't really think the raiding audience is due more than that to be honest.

That doesn't mean I'm anti-raiding. I'm glad it's in the game for those who like it. But I don't think they should put so much resources into it that we're getting a new raid wing every Living World release like you're suggesting.

Bra Desu says:

i've been pvp against Potatoes for quite awhile but never realized xD

Skronkful says:

About gardening: I bought the fattest PoF pack which came with a ton of gems, partly because of the good value and partly because I want to support Anet. Since then, I was basically just waiting for something good to come on the gemstore. Not a big fashion guy, not interested in lootbox mount skin lottery, and the wintersday mount skins were meh. I also didn't unlock the griffon yet, and I want to do that whole progression without straight up buying it. So the gardening is pretty sweet! Gives me something nice to spend my gems on. Gonna make money because it's free daily mats, and it's more collections, more things to do. However, if I was Anet, I would have given all players one plot for free, along with all the collecting seeds and stuff, and let players buy extra plots on the gem store. That way everyone gets at least a little bit of goodies and people would be a lot less salty. Or at least make the first plot a lot cheaper.

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