Tour & Harvesting of my Grandfather’s Vegetable Garden

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Come check out my 82 year old Grandfather’s Vegetable Garden and see how he grows a very successful garden every year! Follow us as we tour what all he has growing as well as harvesting a few onions, turnip greens, & potatoes.

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Ro At says:

Uncle Dwayne is hilarious!

Andrew Lockwood says:

Family has been gardening for years, if not generations. Then again, needed the food to eat.

LucasGrowsBest says:

Wow, impressive garden your grandpa has. I liked and subbed, and would appreciate it if you could do the same for me 😉 Happy growing!

charles bump says:

your grandfathers garden looks nice you are very lucky to had him teach you my grandfather was a farmer but he didnt get to teach me

BK Erwin says:

You are a wonderful son to help your grandfather while he recovers. Amazing beautiful garden! Blessings!

gamer guy says:

I just love this video..granddad garden looks great.. your mom and uncle are pretty cool….bless u guys.

Rosette Serrano says:

Thank you for sharing your family is great! You can see the love in your family, it shows by your actions through coming out and helping him.

CiNTa 01 says:

☺☺ Bless you all

j name says:

uncle Dwayne ur so funny

Amyas80s says:

Compost is best =)

somedudesmom says:

Can you give use some family garden updates occasionally? Love them!

Redeemed Believer says:

fantastic squash plants!!!

Kesha B says:

Brenda gonna be coooookin!!! 😆

abdullah Sh says:

I like how you plant

francis parker says:

Those potatoe plants wernt dead. hope the grandfather is doing well

ProjectHousewife says:

this is texas right? uncle dwayne sounds like a texas boy. he's hilarious. love texas!

Dzanh nguyen says:

550 potatoes ! Amazing garden!

武ルリ says:

Every plants look so healthy with full of energy!  This game me the power to prepare for the spring seedlings than anything such as gardening ideas and techniques.  Thank you. I love the video.   Ruri Take

addictedtoelf says:

I want to be Dwayne when I grow up

bdebramo says:

I'm so inspired over here in Houston. Real excited for this spring growing season it will be my first! 🙂 Lovely family by the way!

Windy Hill says:

Great to see a garden in Richardson TX. Hope your Granddad is back digging his own potatoes.  My gr grandfather's garden looked just like that. He used the same plow and cow manure. He had fenced the back 15 ft of the yard and had a cow and a doz chickens. He had a rocking chair on the back porch. Said "If you don't watch it grow you have missed the best part of it." Funny how people who have this backyard garden are always much older and healthier than the folks who go to the grocery store. Blessings to your whole family. Treat every day as a celebration.


Thanks for the videos

Michele Saladino says:

Your a FABULOUS grandson 🙂 Blessings to Your Family

BevsArtsandCrafts says:

Great video. Uncle D was hilarious. Looking forward to seeing more vids. X

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