Vegetable Gardening in ALASKA

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On a trip to Alaska, I went to find out about growing vegetables in that harsh climate


Hmong Alaskan AK says:

I miss gardening with my grandma.

matanuska high says:

we grow the largest vegetables in the matanuska valley

Frank Burns says:

LOL…Your moose story sounds great and all, lady, but, oh my, look at the time!

The Blessed Altomares says:

I live in Fairbanks and you can grow tomatoes,cucs,corn,pepers,ect

Donna J Capps says:

She sounds cool.  I live in Fairbanks and I am just learning about gardening but I have gotten some small tomatoes on the south side of my house.  It looks like you visited in the fall.  That is my favorite season.  It is so beautiful.  One year we took the train to Denali for our anniversary Sept 1st and it was so beautiful.  There's gold in them thar hills but it actually falls from the trees.  I'm glad you got to visit.  

Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

thanks for sharing alaska beauty..

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