Tomato & Vegetable Garden Disease Prevention: Aspirin, Baking Soda, Neem Oil – TRG 2016

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Keep a journal of when diseases and insects show up in your tomato and vegetable garden. Begin spraying 2-4 weeks before they arrive to prevent the damage and diseases from taking hold. Aspirin will trick the tomato plant into triggering a defense response. Baking soda changes the pH level of the plant leaf. Neem oil controls chewing insects.

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ting khumkwa says:

Will this work for squash plants?

bruce don says:

Hi thanks for sharing your September 8. I have orange lady bug looking betels on my cucumber plants!help

LPG 1 says:

did this! no insects but tomatoes killed by Blight! Had a great cucumber and pepper yield!

Pedro R Cruz says:

Would BC powder be okay for plants

Yessica says:

Great tip, I'll be using it on my tomatoes. Do you used aspirin + baking soda and neem oil simultaneously? If you do, how do you do it?

Color noir says:

I really like your channel, it's blunt and straight forward without too many detractors. +Gary Pilarchik can you combine the neem oil, aspirin, and soap all in one jug?

michael murphy says:

I have curling of the top of my tomato plants in  containers. curling and distorted leaves that haven't gone away; eventhough I sprayed them with baking soda and ASA. every two weeks. and Neem oil with azederactin on alternate weeks.
Please tell me if these plants can be saved or I should discard them, or cut off the affected branches .
Please advise. I just started the Neem oil three weeks ago. I am trying to spray them in between 90 degree days of Maryland.
Please advise, as I can discard and buy determinate plants? Thank you for your help.

Jlmhl Taylor says:

What does the neem oil + dawn soap prevent or treat? Can you spray this on kale, lettuce and other leafy greens?

Ro Rich says:

1st year container grower here. Thanks for the info!! I must try the cold press neem oil. The already mixed stuff doesn't seem to be working for me.

cathy c says:

can these products be used on green bean leaves as well??

Donald Smith says:

can I mix the oil, baking soda, soap, and aspirin all together and just stay once? I have many problems now and to do one that will fix most of them. Later just treat for the ones that come up. just starting garden and have many troubles​.

Kamal Hossain says:

Does the aspirin also works on rose bushes?

LindyTN says:

I can't even find aspirin that is not coated. BC powders are not coated and already a powder. BUT it also has caffeine in it. So, don't know if that would be bad or not.

Steve Masterson says:

Can you mix the baking soda and one asprin in the same gallon of water

Smithy318i says:

Can you combine all of these in one spray ?

Tish Villalobos says:

How do you make need oil product in small quantities

Omar Patino says:

Also, when is a good growing phase when it's safe or good to preventing spraying some. As soon as they're in the ground? TIA

Omar Patino says:

Hi, thank you for the video! Aside from sheets as mulch for weed prevention, water retention and better harvest like Red films, I can't seem to find a suitable mulch that isn't dyed or colored or natural that won't change my soil levels, possibly leaching chemicals into my soil. I usually do 100% organic gardening last 5 years and mulching I've always skipped. Any suggestions on mulching to prevent spores or splashing that is natural, organic or not dyed? Thanks in advance!

Mahadev says:

Getting horse compost is a hassle but it will pay off in controlling disease. We buy NPK and use it as convenience but disease problems are more. Money and cheap gardening is not an issue for Americans. In poor countries they use cow and horse compost as they cannot afford NPK fertilizers.

amit chatterjee says:

Why the reverse side of the leaves of an egg plant has turned brownish ? Is it a disease or the lack of minerals? The growth of the plant is good.

amit chatterjee says:

Can I mix Neem oil and Aspirin and spray to my Chilli plants and Tomato plants? If it is possible.what will be the dose/gallon?

michael murphy says:

Thank you for  your informative videos. They have helped me a lot with my garden.Can I combine aspirin and baking soda and other neem oil, etc., in a single gallon of water?Thanks for your help.

Wolfie1038 says:

Good video, thank you! I have a question about combining these preventives into one spray. I have a hard time getting around and wondered if you could combine the aspirin, baking soda, soap, & Neem oil and spray one time or do they all have to be done separately at different times. Thanks

Fawn Rosenberg says:

Hi Gary,
What about fresh seaweed as a mulch around the stems of tomato and pepper plants? Thanks.

Kenneth Fowler says:

This really works. I hadn't any good tomatoes in years. Disease always got them. I use the aspirin + baking soda once a week. Thank You very much.

bernie lee says:

hey therr, I'm getting little black spots on the leaves of my tomatoes and chile,plants.. i cant seem to find much info online about it

Vincent D says:

Great videos!! Question: Can i mix all of these items together and spray when needed? So i have a 2gallson sprayer can i add 2 apsirin, 2 table spoons of soap and 2 table spoons of Neem and just mix it all and spray??? thanks!

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