Vegetable Garden: Time for Fall Gardening

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Now is the time for starting many of the veggies for the Fall Vegetable Garden here in Dallas, Texas, USA. follow us as we visit our favorite places to find our vegetable transplants and see what will are adding to our garden

USDA Hardiness Zone 8A 10°F to 15°F


Milk And Honey Acreage says:

You guys are not far from us!

Cathy says:

Beautiful garden, I didn't know you could grow tomatoes in the fall. I'll remember that for next year.

4eva68 says:

This was cool.

Brandon & Meredith says:

Texas; noted in the description

Linda Green says:

What state are you planting in?

Krittika J says:

I hope yours will turn out just fine there. My garden are really hurting today : ( its supposed to stay really hot for the next 7 days down here.

Brandon & Meredith says:

Used to be harder to find, but I think more people are asking for fall veggies here. Thanks for watching!

Brandon & Meredith says:

Check them out, Gecko has a Labor Day sale buy 4 plants get one free. Thanks for watching

Brandon & Meredith says:

Its really too late to plant tomatoes, but I always like to experiment; surprised they even had tomatoes for sale. We have some we planted in June that are just waiting on cooler weather to set fruit

Brandon & Meredith says:

I think it was 104°F today, but gambling on cooler weather….I hope!

jbnice1911 says:

I stay in the dallas area as well and totally forgot about Gecko's Hardware. I'm going to head up there this weekend. You hit the lottery with all those nice veggies!

OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

Good looking starts! That sorrel should give you greens year round. Planting tomatoes in late August – you lucky guy!

Krittika J says:

Wow you got so much goodies there . So u can put all those in now ? We r still staying close to 100 degrees does here ,.

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

great variety 🙂

Grace Hollow Rabbitry says:

Yummy choices.

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