Grow roses from cuttings | Gardening ideas

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How to grow plants from cuttings , Grow plants faster at home ,Rose grafting and gardening easy tips


sri reddy says:

Daily water poyyala

sri reddy says:

Yennirojuliki peruguthundi eee mokka

Navaneetha Krishnan says:

What is the chemical used for dipping the cuttings?

Kalpatharuv says:

బాగా చేసారు. తెలుగులో నా వీడియో చూడండి. ☺️

Gunasagaran Ramanathan says:

Good video. Thank you.

mOnIkA sOmAiYa says:

it is in plastic pot…why not in ordinarry pot.

rifaah ansari says:

mene 1mah pehle kanair kicuttings pani me lagai thin un me patte to nikal ae pr roots nhi niklin ab agar matti me laga dun to chal paren gi?

Sahad hasan Sumon says:

ami kono folafol painai😰

Swarna Kalepu says:

after planting the cutting should plant keep in sun light ??

vimala ravishankar says:

Pl tell how to grow these plant.. Just planting the cutting alone is not sufficient for beginners like me.. So update some information like watering, fertilising.etc.,

Piyush Pani Mishra says:

.very nice ,,also check my new upload for kids counting

Cherifa ben ismail says:

In which Month do you make this process?

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