How to Keep Raccoons Out of Vegetable Gardens : Vegetable Gardening 101

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Raccoons are the mortal enemies of vegetable gardens everywhere. Keep raccoons out of vegetable gardens with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip.

Expert: Oscar Carmona
Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez

Series Description: Vegetable gardens make a great addition to any type of yard. Learn about the basics of starting and maintaining your own vegetable garden with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video series.


Lauri Snipes says:

How do you get to your veggies if you tack that all the way around your raised bed.

Eds Channel says:

Great video I'm sure to try out your great fencing tip….

Pocky Chen says:

hello there,
I wanted to know does this work for Squirrel and Chipmunks.

K. S. K. says:

Fencing sounds nice until the raccoons dig up the entire bed and disrupt the soil and roots of your plants. I also have them upend all my plants in pots. Frustrating.

Chairman Meow says:

I think a pet mountain lion would be helpful.

🎵allfodatmusic🎵 says:

No need to kill them D;

Garden Sheds Kent says:

Fencing is a good method to be applied in gardening and this will probably help you stay away the unwanted guest that might destroy our all time favorite plants. I've learned a lot from you. Thank You!

Sheds Direct says:

These ideas could somehow help you to prevent the unwanted visitors in your garden and this will protect our all time favorite plants. However, learning from your useful tips really taught me a lot! 

MissPooz says:

Thank you for sharing the information 🙂

vistacruiser70s says:

Let the animals have some food!  You are here on Earth to help. Wake up!!!!

Beepis says:

Going out coon boppin? Get a flash light shine it in the eyes, and smack it over the head.

magic says:

Raccoons are pests and are overreproducing.

lightmanfilms says:

No need to kill animals. Just let a dog loose at the garden and feed him everyday. If he can chase a cats will definitely chase raccoons and rabbits to…

ky redneck says:

kill them and eat them yuuuuuuuuuum

Nanette McCoy says:

Poisoning, trapping, or killing? wth? You are NOT one with nature are you? The animals have every right to be here. You tempt them and expect them not to want in your garden? Get a dog and in the summer let him sleep outside and run those critters off.
Or, feed the raccoons and deter them from your garden. YOU REALLY DO NOT HAVE TO KILL EVERYTHING!

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