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End Card Art By:

“Rainbows” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Mr snapplehawkin says:

Lets get 1k likes

Super Funneh Fan says:

Lol Chris why did you do that because when you did it I was laughing so hard
(Its was at 9:34)

Ellsa Blair says:

Your dogs are so cute

Ellsa Blair says:

Iļø love your home

Slime Sarah123 says:


Totally Timber says:

YEET YEET YEET YEETY YEETY YEET YEET!!!!! Your YouTube Channels have a spot in my heart ā¤ļø!!! #NotAPhaseStore #CrashLife !Oh before I stop ASH I LOVE YOUR HAIR AND GLASSES GURL! YOU ROCK THEM!

Dianne12 DogLover says:

Chris and Ash! When you move will you bring your dogs?

Kawaii Koneko says:

Ashley's so pretty šŸ’–

pxljaryl says:

I love sparky and chai. i watched all your roblox vids and vlogs pls give me a shoutout

Shawn Gambit says:

I want to see your setup please please please please

Shawn Gambit says:

My mom told me to cut my own hair too! It's actually not that hard you just need a good clipper set


Love your videos Chris and and ash u guys are great youtuber keep up the good work

Rayne Woods says:

Also how much do you play those board games I saw monopoly when chris was vacuuming

Rayne Woods says:

Anyone else notice that chris always wears a hat indoors lol

Chaz I says:

Bissell vac is one of the good ones

Donluis Canding says:

I laughed at 9:32 to 9:35 šŸ˜‚

Stuffed Animal Planet says:

Iā€™m sick šŸ¤’ and my throat is killing me and I am going to stay home tomorrow from school but you make me feel better thank you!!! YEEEEET ow šŸ˜ āœŒļø šŸ¤’

Malik Morant says:

The first guy who ran the red light plays to much GTA V

Bianca Graham says:

YEET!Chris u must tame that head of yours.You looks good btw šŸ˜€

the multi gamer says:

Where do you donate your clothes?also I love sparky and chia

Cookie swirl c RAD says:

Crash life yay

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