North Texas Vegetable Garden Update – June 2017

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Hillbilly Jilly North Texas Vegetable Garden Update June 2017

A quick update on our garden progress as of June 2017. Our garden was planted using all organic vegetable seeds and heirloom seed varieties.

Growing vegetables organically without pesticides!


Join us as we learn together and share our garden do’s and don’ts.

● Growing Heirloom variety veggies
● How to and DIY vegetable garden projects and ideas
● Fruit and vegetable canning
● Cooking and recipes

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peter deli says:

love your garden nice pumpkins and a few nice cucumber plants, and watermelons nice , nice growth with the tomatoes , seems like you know your gardening and you show interest in gardening . and love your sunflower loved your video tour and thank you , peter here from australia my garden is not as big as yours , liked and subbed ,thank you

Andrew Davis says:

Looks very good, those plants are great.

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