These are the best raised garden beds for growing veggies. These raised garden beds are great for older people, those with disabilities, or younger people wanting a fun and easier way to grow your own food. In this video, I also share some exciting news about these types of culvert-style garden beds becoming available in the USA!

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Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property/homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane – the climate is subtropical (similar to Florida). I started Self Sufficient Me in 2011 as a blog website project where I document and write about backyard food growing, self-sufficiency, and urban farming in general. I love sharing my foodie and DIY adventures online so come along with me and let’s get into it! Cheers, Mark 🙂

Welcome to the Southern California Garden In the month of April in 2018. We look at a lot of gardening tasks in this video, including securing your raised beds with chicken wire to keep critters out, a lot of harvests of fruits and vegetables including Cabbage, Cayenne Pepper, Chillies, Hyacinth Beans, Mulberry, Orange, Taro Root & More! We also look at some things for you to do in your garden, like composting, amending garden soil, etc.


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John from goes on a field trip to Ready to Grow Gardens in Miami, Florida to share with you how you can grow a vegetable garden with help in South Florida.

In this episode, John will visit the Ready to Grow Grow Nursery and Demonstration garden to share with you the perennial and annual crops that can be grown in South Florida . You will also discover the one of the best ways to grow these crops: in a raised bed garden. You will learn how Ready to Grow Gardens is re-purposing hardwood to build raised beds that enable people young and old to grow their own food.

John will take you on a tour of the demonstration garden so you can get an idea of some of the crops John would grow in the Miami area.

Finally, John will sit down with the owner of Ready to Grow Gardens, Dylan Terry to ask him some questions about why he started the business, some of his favorite perennial vegetables to grow and much, much more.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of how to grow a vegetable garden in South Florida or where ever you live.

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How to plant your own urban garden using the Quickcrop Square Foot Vegetable Gardening method. Square foot gardening is all about taking advantage of smaller spaces and raised garden beds to maximise your crop output. This is typically done by dividing the raised bed into square sections 12 inches per side using gardening twine or timber laths to achieve a grid system. The aim is to assist beginner vegetable gardeners and also help create the highest yielding garden possible.

Home vertical vegetable gardening ideas

The garden to the House not only can be decorated by ornamental plants or plant flowers, it will be allowed and beneficial if you can grow a vegetables at home. In addition to the eye-catching, it also can better save money shopping for buying kitchen materials. There are a wide variety of vegetable plants so that Setup can also be as beautiful as ornamental plants in the garden of the House. Including the concept of vertical besides having aesthetic value alone, can also better conserve places so that more plants that can be grown at home.

Unique breakthrough makes the garden vegetables vertically is to use a cloth (00:13 & 01:34) or plastic (00:59) which has an assortment of pockets. The fabric hanging on the wall and fill each bag with different types of vegetable crops desired in which the soil media have previously placed inside small plastic pots. Wooden pallet box resting on a wall can also serve as a medium for planting (01:10 & 01:51).

Another idea is to use the wooden frame (00:18 & 01:20) or iron frame (02:01), hung on the wall and in it was split with the wood produced some small box as the area each type of vegetable plant Variant. In addition, the wooden frames can also be used as the installation media for planting a pot-shaped half-pipe (00:23 & 00:48) or pipe can also be hung directly on the wall (02:24). The concept of this pipe can be used for hydroponic vegetable crops.

For those of you who already have a plant in a pot, you can hang him in lining the walls, good pot cans (00:29) or a plastic pot (00:54 & 02:12). Simple vertical garden can also be achieved by using bamboo frames that strap mounted vertically as the plot of plants your vines (00:42). The concept of Groove this crop of vines can also use iron (01:05) or bamboo as a pergola (01:29 & 02:09).

Can Epsom salt fix Magnesium deficiencies?\r
Can you Fight Diseases by the Foliar Application of Epsom Salt?\r
Does Epsom Salt help Increase Nutrient Absorption and Yields of garden Plants?\r
Will it help me Grow Tastier Tomatoes and Sweeter Fruit?\r
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scotts paper on Epsom Salt\r
If your into Organic Gardening and a part of one of the many online communities you have no doubt come across claims surrounding the use of Epsom salt in the garden.\r
As you know I have been putting garden prices and claims to the test to see which ones are supported by science and which ones are not. \r
For example the science behind the use of coffee grounds in the garden is supported whereas the use of cold coffee to fertilize and lower the pH around your blueberries is not. \r
Today we are going to see if Epsum salt really good for your garden?\r
Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) when dissolved in water it releases Magnesium and Sulphur.\r
Magnesium and Sulphur are both essential elements for plant growth and production. Magnesium playing a key role in chlorophyll and sulphur plays a key role in amino acids. [2][3]\r
It would seem logical that more Magnesium and Sulphur in the soil would help your plants and support these claims right?\r
Lets talk about a few of these claims and for the purpose of discussion focus on Magnesium.\r
Magnesium Deficiencies\r
Thumbnail Credit:\r

Title: Beulah Goes Gardening
Air Date: 08/12/1952

Rare episode of the forgotten 50’s sitcom “The Beulah Show”, The first sitcom to feature an African American woman in the lead role. Starring Hattie McDaniel, best known for her part in “Gone With The Wind”

Hattie McDaniel as Beulah. Miss First of the Henderson household, volunteers to doctor Henry’s pet rose bush; Beulah becomes distressed and the Henderson’s impressed, as the plant changes size, color, shape and everything under her mysterious ministrations.

Episode 6 of Gardening 101 quickly shows you options for staking and trellising vegetable plants. I discuss the benefits of vertical gardening and how to set up trellises to manage shade. Spring is a great time to plan out what you need for staking tomatoes and peppers and ways to vertically grow and trellis peas, beans, cucumbers and melons.

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