Gardening 101 Ep5: All About Seed Starting Tomatoes, Eggshell Fertilizer & Buying Transplants

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Episode 5 walks you through seed starting tomatoes in trays. I talk about cells sizes, when to seed start them, how to thin them and when & how to fertilize them. I also discuss how you can start them indoors without grow-lights by using the outdoors for light. I cover how to prepare eggshells for your compost pile, ground beds and containers. I also show you how to pulverize eggshell and mix it with vinegar to create water soluble Ca as a way to prevent blossom end rot on tomatoes. The physiological disease that browns the bottom of your tomatoes.

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Justine West says:

I am trying to pick out an organic liquid fertilizer for my indoor seed starters but I dont know what to buy! Please help!

Chef Mario says:

Great video thanks for the tips.

texaswildhunter says:

Whats the best care package i can give to people when i give them my extra pepper and tomato plants?

yesenia Delgado says:

Hi Gary I’ve beeen enjoying your videos you’ve inspired me to grow peppers and tomatoes by seed. This is my very first experience with gardening and so far I’ve had great results with your videos! I have a question, I have a few bags of Scott’s turf builder lawn soil from last year I was wondering if I would be able to use that soil to transplant my seedlings in containers when it’s time to take them outside?

Sl B says:

Thanks so much for explaining how to seed start now if you do not have grow lights! I am in Ohio, where one day it will snow and 2 days later it will be 70 degrees. I do want to double check that I am understanding correctly that when I take my seed starts outside each day, do I only cover them with the see through lid if it is going to rain? Or do I keep the lid on them while they are sitting out until the weather warms up more? Also should they be sitting on the ground or can I sit them on a deck? I did not know if the ground would help keep them warmer or if that mattered. Thanks

Lucas Liam says:

Hey it’s my first time gardening and I’m using your videos for information and it’s really helpful thanks for the info 👍

Lucas Liam says:

Nice videos 👍

John Enfield says:

That tip about the eggshells and making them supply calcium to the plants faster is great advice! I've been just coarsely crushing them and throwing them on top of the soil. Will work someday, but not near as fast as grinding them up fine and mixing them with vinegar and water like you said.

Brenda Regan says:

Do you put the grow lights on, above the planted seeds, immediately or only after germination?

Jim Lynch says:

Gary, my first year doing seed starts and I really over did the sunlight and cold. They've gone almost completely purple and stopped growing. Do you think they'll come back?? Or should I just start a bunch more???

Kyler Fritz says:

This is my 5th year growing tomatoes. this year is my 3rd year growing tomatoes from seed. I just started my tomatoes last week from today. I,m glad to see that my tomato plants just came up. i normally put them in the garden the last week of may to the second week of June. And i live in the state of South Dakota. Hopefully in a couple of week i can take them out side because i,m still getting winter snow storms. But i still got hard freezes into June. But while i have time can i still train them get used to the win by using fans?

Eduardo Quintero says:

I tried that pullzied with egg and water and a day or two it starts to smell what am I doing wrong

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