Beneficial Insects You Want in your Garden – The Gardener’s Best Friends!

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In today’s episode we look at some beneficial insects in your garden. These are different from bad insects, also called pests and are predators of those bad guys. Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, Lady Birds or Lady Bugs and Earthworms are friendly insects


California Gardening says:

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Kat says:

I heard that worm castings don't have a lot of nutritional value.But the value they have is ready available for plants to absorb..also the beneficial microbs in them is the reason they are very good for the soil.

Toya Fab says:

By any chance do you sell moringa leaf from your tree or have any to share?

Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia says:

Not insects, but a number of snakes are beneficial to have in the garden – DeKay's Brown Snakes, Red-Bellied Snakes, Earth Snakes (in Central to Eastern US), and others like the Sharp-Tailed Snake in the West. All of those eat slugs.

Also of note, if you buy ladybugs make sure they are not wild collected and that they are a native species. Otherwise you'll just create more problems.

chosenone4447 says:

If I have mushrooms showing up around edible plants in the soil, does that mean they are ruined?

Pandora Fox says:

I understand that grown lady bugs are not as beneficial as the ones in the larval stage. Those are the ones that LOVE to feast on aphids, etc… I've tried buying ladybugs but they were gone in 24 hrs and we had a big infestation of aphids. Your opinion?

Terrace Garden says:

just amazing video

calbalu51 says:

Hi, very helpful information. Are you familiar with an Indian banana variety called 'Elaichi Kela' in the local language. I'd like to procure and grow in California.

Grub's Garden says:

Nice super slo mo – GoPro?

We don't have bumble bees but we have blue banded bees instead who also buzz pollinate.

Iky C says:

Do you have hoverfly in your area? They usually take care of the aphids in my garden!

Shirin Nurani says:

Good vedios, can you advice on fire ants in compost bins and some tips of composting videos please. I have bought a compost bin from Aldi and the matter is composting but there are so many fire ants that I am scared to put the compost in my beds . Please advice

Cheri Fertsch says:

we get capentar bee and wasp

Lucy W. McMellan says:

Very informative, thanks.

Ravi Venkatesh Ramaprabha says:

What are some organic fertilizers available in India

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