August Vegetable Garden Tour 🌿// Garden Answer

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For clarification the soil mix in the raised bed is made of 56% Premium Topsoil, 34% Forest Compost, and 10% Composted Manure = 100% 😉

PPG Timeless Wood Stain –
Gravel – ¾” chip in the color blue
Espoma BioTone –
SluggoPlus –
Thuricide –

Arbor Installation Video –
Drips Irrigation in Raised Beds –

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Favorite Garden Tools –
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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Ilene Horowitz says:

Suggestion: from my experience with vine crops, once you have fruit growing and it is getting later in the season, pinch off the end of the vine to send energy to the fruit. Good tip for your watermelon and cantaloupe. Also do you experience cross pollination with your sweet peppers next to the hot peppers?

Arcelia Cody says:

Interesting! Thanks for sharing and I truly enjoyed and appreciated you sharing other garden beside yours and your mom's. Am your fan now.

RetroGal says:

Those random pumpkins are fantastic. I love it!

Sue Mcelroy says:

Wow nice garden!!

The Sophisticated Chicken says:

What a stupendous vegetable garden! We've had a good garden this year, though the humidity here in NC does make it tough to get out in it a lot of the time. I would really, really love to see the irrigation video from Aaron! Please consider making it.

Joan Smith says:

Very, very nice. Such a charming and productive vegetable garden. Your grass is so green for so many 100° days. I can’t imagine what your water bill is. Mine was 300 and I have a 10th of what you have. Maybe you have a well which would help immensely.

carla wilson says:

Everything looks great

Luna Neoma says:

Will you do a how to video when you prune the tomatoes? Please?

Eman Ibrahem says:


sherry simmons says:

Most beautiful garden I have ever seen and you have a baby to take care of…..Your are Amazing!!!!!

Bobbi Kalmer says:

A GREAT garden. Isn't it wonderful to see so many man hours fruit? I'm sure by fall the bounty will be amazing. I thank you and Aaron for the tour.

Sharon Buening says:

Everything looks amazing!

princess Luna kusuma says:

dedicate one video for NO the cat pleeeease

Jo Drill says:

Looks like you’ve just about worn out another pair of gardening shoes -lol

Laurie Clarkson says:

I'd love to see a comprehensive irrigation video. Thanks for the info on the fence, soil, and gravel! I never knew they made a "Blue Chip" Love it

mel bell says:

So awesome, Laura! I just adore the idea of using temporary available space to plant more things. I'm thinking about doing that next year – especially with pumpkins, since they're so huge. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for another fantastic video!

Karon Crickmore says:

Laura – your garden is WOW! My veggie garden has never produced such large, fruitful plants. This video shed light on why – the mixture of the soil, fertilizers and your irrigation system. I can’t wait until next year! I am saving this video in my favs to do planning during shoveling snow LOL. I live outside of Philadelphia. I am hoping you will show us what you do in the fall to put the beds “to sleep” over the winter, if you do that in Eastern Oregon or new crops you plant to harvest in the spring (I already have the garlic/onions videos saved). Also, do you plan to plant any type of berries?

Laurablushing says:

Great video! Have you had problems with powdery mildew at all? And if so how do you treat it? Do you think you’ll do more vertical growing next time around?

Gallifrey Stands says:

I love your garden, I’m so glad that I found your videos to help me improve my garden, also when are we going to be getting more succulent videos?

Linda Leal says:

Great informative video, especially like the aerial view.

Joanne Aschenbach says:

Would love to see driveway containers

Terry Williams says:

Laura, I live in South Carolina. We've had a very wet summer and the fire ants have taken over my potted plants. Plants are not looking good. What do you suggest?

SUGARPOP73 says:

I don't know the geography of USA so my knowledge of Oregon is minimal but I realise how much work you or your parents put in when I see the neighbours gardens, they are barren while yours it's an oasis .

Lana Bisson says:

Laura I love your flourishing veggie garden. I have a recipe for your abundant zuchini and squash. Its very easy to turn your zucchin and squash into Mock apple pie filling and my favorite which is Mock Pinapple. Its a matter of peeling, de-seeding and cubing the squash, cooking it over the top of stove with either Pinapple juice or apple juice. I water bath can them, which is very easy. I use the pinapple squash in various recipes, as well as the mock apple pie. Let me know if you would love recipe, or you can google it.

Jeanne Brinkman says:

Great job🍃🌽🍅Laura👩🏻‍🌾and🌱🥦🍉Aaron 👨‍🌾🥒🍆🥕

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