Vegetable Garden Before and After 🌿

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Hard to believe this is even the same garden! The addition of the black fence and the veggies all grown up makes my heart happy! 💚

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Wunlee Buxton says:

Russell likes the drone too! <3

Amber Davis says:

I so wish I could have a garden like this!! I live in high desert in California on 1.8 acres and on dirt roads. But between the squirrels and rabbits and birds not sure How I could protect it…..
I LOVE THIS GARDEN🌱🌱🍅🌶🥒🍆🥔🌽 You should do your center piece as a seasonal arrangement. Love all the inspiration your channels bring me!! Thank you to you and your family!

Tara Ofisa says:

The tomatoes literally look like trees in raised beds! LOL Such a beautiful and thriving garden. Totally dreamy.

Ghazala Chaudhry says:

Awesome video shooting.
Love it .

mel bell says:

Just gorgeous!

Heidi Neuschuez says:

Beautiful! I really love the drone footage.

Granny J Clay says:

Wow! Quite the transformation! Beautiful! Great job!❤️👏✝️

Ana Abarca says:

Beautiful! I’d like to recreate it. Can you tell me what the measurements of the whole space are? Please! 😄

lindsey st.clair says:

so beautiful!

Linda Lee says:

I love seeing the before and after. Thanks so much for sharing. It is so peaceful and beautiful. 🌻💕

Georgia Cinq-Mars says:

I love the before/after videos!

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