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The Lawrence family takes you on a tour through their vegetable gardens. See their favorites, new varieties they’ve tried this season and how they performed.
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On this week’s Row by Row Garden Show, the guys talk about vegetable garden irrigation — which works best and tips for use.

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Today’s interesting episode on the 10 golden rules and Tips and hacks for successful Cloning of plant stem cuttings in Water. You will learn the Nitrogen Draining Concept and the Oxygenation Concept for successful rooting, plus you will also learn what nutrients to feed or how to fertilize your fresh stem cuttings.

This method of cloning plant cuttings in water is an age-old practice.
If you want to increase the success rate of growing plants in water or rooting your cuttings in water, you need to follow certain simple tips. The most important advantage of this, whether cuttings are grown in soil or water or even air layering, you get an identical copy of your Parent plant (also called the Stock Plant).
Please Watch all these Steps and Tips till the end to achieve a great result and have fun with your gardening hobby. Also some scientific concepts specially Tip #4 and Tip #8 like the nitrogen draining concept and the oxygenation concept may be completely new and really interesting to most of us. Also Some of these tips are common when you are propagating cuttings in soil. With these simple tips and scientific concepts, you can achieve a success rate of nearly 100 percent.

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Learn gardening tips and tricks for how to plant a container garden.

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Vegetable Garden Update: Tomatoes, Basil, Potatoes and Lettuce

how to plant a vegetable garden in small space

John from shares his proven methods to control pests in your organic vegetable garden. In this epsiode, John shares with you his top ways to prevent a pest infestation in the first place, and then shares his techniques for dealing with bugs in the garden. Next, special guest, Josh will enlighten you on why chemical pesticides should not be used in your garden and the safe, effective #1 alternative to get proven results to rid the pests from your garden once and for all.

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The use of risers to enhance food production in container gardening is a real success story in The Philippines. Jojo ROM, Buklod Tao and others showed that this method belongs to the best practices to combat hunger and malnutrition. This video should convince people in most of the developing countries and in the refugee camps to follow this beautiful example. With a remarkable minimum of irrigation water, a maximum of fresh food can be produced. Congratulations to all my Filippino friends who contribute to the promotion of container gardening.