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John from answers the question how much to water your plants in your garden.

I thoroughly cover all the aspects of starting your first vegetable garden. From selecting the right location & tracking the sun through planting, fertilizing, staking, watering tomatoes and peppers. Plus I show you how to start cilantro, dill and basil from seed. This is great video for first time gardeners. It is a complete guide to help you join the world vegetable gardening.

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Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction
0:48 The Basic Size for Your First Garden
1:33 Basic Principles to Turning the Bed & Adding Bagged Soil
5:00 All the Basic Materials for Your First Garden
7:04 Picking the Right Location – Details on the Sun
8:28 Picking the Right Size for Your Garden
8:54 Cover Your Garden Space with Cardboard (4-6 Weeks)
9:38 Where to Plant Your Plants Based on Height & Shading
11:02 Creating a Weed Barrier with Cardboard
12:46 Using The Garden Soil Bags to Build Your Soil
14:04 Planting the Peppers: All the Steps
16:45 Tomato Spacing and What Indeterminate Means
17:30 Planting Tomatoes: All the Steps
21:38 Planting Chive and Oregano Transplants
23:44 Planting Basil from Seeds
25:24 Planting Dill from Seeds
26:10 Planting Cilantro from Seeds
27:26 Top Dressing with Fertilizer and Staking Your Plants
30:14 Conclusion and Watering Tips

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Set up your container garden complete with pots, saucers and drip irrigation lines. Learn how to easily set up your container vegetable garden in today’s episode.

We begin with the layout of our containers. We then move on to the choice of potting soil or potting mix you need to use for your containers. We then set up a main drip irrigation line to water the containers and finally we plant some vegetable plants in the containers or pots.

Setting up a container garden (or growing in pots) is easy. All we are doing is getting resin based wine barrels and using them as containers. Resin is very resistant to the elements and will last for many years. Its also safe.

For the soil mix you can use a bagged potting mix or make your own potting mix using peat moss/coco coir, perlite/vermiculite and compost/worm castings.

For setting up the drip irrigation line we are using half inch drip tube as the main line and quarter inch tubing as the emitter line. We are using the fan bubble emitter. This provides great coverage while being inexpensive.

Finally we plant our vegetables in the containers or pots we have for a wonderful vegetable garden which will last for many years.

Happy Gardening!

This week I’m planting quite a few new plants in the allotment garden including ‘Marketmore’ cucumbers, Chocolate mint, a pink lavender, and sunflowers that only grow about three feet tall.

I also show you how I’m growing them all with inexpensive DIY ideas. A pallet support for the cucumbers and a repurposed plant pots to keep the mint from getting too invasive.

Also, I don’t want to be confusing but Lavender and Lavandula are the same thing. In my mind I was thinking French and English varieties but in the video it came out wrong. Hey ho, everyone makes mistakes 🙂

In this video:
✽ Building a cucumber pallet trellis
✽ Tips on planting mint in the garden (so as to stop it spreading)
✽ Planting a French lavender variety called Lavandula ‘Bandera Pink’
✽ Using dwarf sunflowers to disguise a leggy lavender
✽ Planting parsnips grown in modules

More on the Slug X trap (UK)*:
and in the USA*:

Questions for you about the video:
✽ What do you think about the cucumber pallet trellis and how do you grow your own?
✽ Are you battling slugs and snails at the moment? If so, what are your most effective ways for keeping them from destroying your vegetable garden?

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* The links to amazon for the Slug X beer trap are affiliate links. If you end up making a purchase by clicking one, I make a small commission. Thanks so much 🙂 PS — I’m trialling them right now after reading a great review of them in the press. So far they’ve been catching a few slugs but as I say in the video, I’ve not had as much of a problem with them this year. Touch wood!

Flash flood.. vegetable garden under water. Hopefully we can continue with our garden update at the weekend.
Episode 113
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