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We visit and admire an architect’s vegetable garden that is high-producing, and pretty as a picture. A terraced hillside takes advantage of the sunniest spot on a wooded lot, maximizing usable garden space.
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A video tour of my self-sufficient vegetable garden, telling you about what I do and why I do it!

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John from goes on a field trip to share with you a garden that doesn’t get watered the whole season and is never tilled. You will also learn how this garden grows with little labor effort as well.

In this episode, John visits Rory, one of his viewer’s gardens to give you a tour of an amazing no till, no water vegetable garden that grows throughout the summer season without getting watered. It also grows with little effort on the part of the homeowner. Furthermore, the homeowner does not rototill his garden every year and speaks out against tilling.

First, John will show you the front yard and how edibles have been incorporated into the front yard without looking out of place for the neighborhood. Next, John will take you on a tour of the backyard garden where you will learn the power of wood chips as well as compost and how it allows Rory to grow a garden without tilling and without watering the entire season. You will discover some of the tips that allow Rory to accomplish this feat, which includes selecting certain plant varieties and building his soil in a very specific way. You will learn several techniques you can use to increase moisture-holding capacity of your soil so you can water your garden less.

You will learn how wood chips break down to form a rich “black gold” or fungal dominated compost and how to prune your tree so you can achieve maximum yield. Furthermore, you will learn the one berry bush that you should grow and ignore for the most bountiful harvests.

Finally, John will interview Rory, the gardener to share with you his expertise on how he makes this garden work without much effort. You will discover the specific ingredients that Rory adds to his garden to have amazing results without watering.
John will ask Rory the following questions:
31:45 How I ended up filming this video today?
33:00 What motivated you to grow a no-till vegetable garden?
35:12 Why is rock dust so important and why is it a key ingredient in your garden?
37:32 How do you active the trace minerals with compost tea?
38:32 What is Aloe Vera and Why do you add it to your garden?
42:23 Why don’t you have powdery mildew or other diseases in your garden?
45:39 What happened to your kale plants that were watered with aloe and without?
46:27 How often should someone apply the aloe and compost tea to their plants?
47:42 Why is it important to model nature and not add chemical fertilizers to your garden?
50:32 What pests did you get when you originally brought in wood chips?
53:18 Any last words of wisdom to my viewers?

After watching this episode, you will discover many techniques you can use in your garden to water less, do less work and till no more.

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