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It is summer at the farmhouse, which means its time for our summer vegetable garden!  We’ve tilled, planted, fertilized and weeded all April and May, so now join me for our June garden tour.

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Back in March, I shared how we were preparing for our summer vegetable garden.

I talked about how we were starting seeds in the greenhouse and getting greens in the ground.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first gardening year that I go spilling my life on the world wide web, we have a suuuper long cold winter.

It snowed in April, my friends. I posted a (not so happy) photo on Instagram all about it.

I mean, I wasn’t happy about the snow, but people on IG sure seemed to like the photo. Thanks for your sympathy, guys!

I think we had fewer sunny days in March and April than any years in the last decade. Don’t quote me on this, because its not an official stat, but it definitely seems accurate!

Anyway, needless to say, the gardening stuff didn’t go exactly as planned.

The seeds we started in the greenhouse basically froze to death. The idea is that the bright sun makes the internal temp much warmer than the temp outside. Yeeeah about that.

We basically came to the end of April with nothing to show for our previous efforts, barring the horse manure that we tilled in. I’m sure we’re still reaping the benefits of that.

We had a pretty perfect May, so here we are, with a well established, and flourishing garden, after all!

In mid to late April, after all danger of frost had passed, we tilled again, since a lot of weeds managed to sneak up, even with the cold temps. We re-planted all our seeds. I scribbled a little chart on a piece of scrap paper, so I would remember what was coming up in each row.

We planted cabbage, greens, herbs, tomatoes, sunflowers, zucchini, jarrahdale pumpkins, zinnias, cosmos, broccoli, cucumbers, beets, carrots and sugar snap peas.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, with the germination of the seeds, weeds started crowding everything out again.

This was our first year using horse manure for fertilization. Normally we just use compost. I’m pretty sure the weed problem was worse than usual, and I suspect it was something from the horse pasture. We had these big tall thorny weeds.

After all the plants were at least 6 inches tall, my husband took on the weed issue. I honestly thought it was too late. They looked so bad. He went out every evening for at least an hour and sifted through the weeds with a gloved hand. (Those boogers were sharp!)

After a week or two of that, we had a weed free garden. He filled in every row, and space between plants, with grass clippings and straw. Its been over a week, and no new weeds have appeared. I think we are past the worst of the weed woes at this point.

The plants are all big enough to crowd them out anyway. This is the most exciting, and easy, time for the summer vegetable garden.

I filled in some open area with pepper plants, dahlias and echinacea from a local nursery. Every year I worry that we don’t have enough planted in the garden. I hate seeing wasted space.

Around July, I tend to realize I created a jungle. There probably won’t even be a path to walk in. But, thats how I like it.

Now, we wait until things are big enough to harvest!

DIY essential oil pest control spray
I should probably make this a post all on its own, but its so dang simple.

After a few tiny green bean and tomato plants popped up, I noticed they looked like lace. They were filled with holes from some kind of garden pest.

I just added 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to a glass spray bottle, topped it off with water and then went away to spritzing all my bugg-y plants.

Worked like a charm.

I have also read that, if peppermint doesn’t solve your bug problem, oregano essential oil can hit even harder. For us, peppermint was all that was needed.

The tomatoes and green beans are thriving now. They do have some holes, because I haven’t hit them with…
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Hello! Take a scenic tour thru the Organic Container Garden filled with fresh vegetables. learn how much to fertilize and water with tips on growing your own healthy raw food recipe. how to grow fruit trees and grape vines

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My Secret RARE Fruit Tree, PERSIMMONS!!

I thoroughly cover all the aspects of starting your first vegetable garden. From selecting the right location & tracking the sun through planting, fertilizing, staking, watering tomatoes and peppers. Plus I show you how to start cilantro, dill and basil from seed. This is great video for first time gardeners. It is a complete guide to help you join the world vegetable gardening.

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Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction
0:48 The Basic Size for Your First Garden
1:33 Basic Principles to Turning the Bed & Adding Bagged Soil
5:00 All the Basic Materials for Your First Garden
7:04 Picking the Right Location – Details on the Sun
8:28 Picking the Right Size for Your Garden
8:54 Cover Your Garden Space with Cardboard (4-6 Weeks)
9:38 Where to Plant Your Plants Based on Height & Shading
11:02 Creating a Weed Barrier with Cardboard
12:46 Using The Garden Soil Bags to Build Your Soil
14:04 Planting the Peppers: All the Steps
16:45 Tomato Spacing and What Indeterminate Means
17:30 Planting Tomatoes: All the Steps
21:38 Planting Chive and Oregano Transplants
23:44 Planting Basil from Seeds
25:24 Planting Dill from Seeds
26:10 Planting Cilantro from Seeds
27:26 Top Dressing with Fertilizer and Staking Your Plants
30:14 Conclusion and Watering Tips

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Set up your container garden complete with pots, saucers and drip irrigation lines. Learn how to easily set up your container vegetable garden in today’s episode.

We begin with the layout of our containers. We then move on to the choice of potting soil or potting mix you need to use for your containers. We then set up a main drip irrigation line to water the containers and finally we plant some vegetable plants in the containers or pots.

Setting up a container garden (or growing in pots) is easy. All we are doing is getting resin based wine barrels and using them as containers. Resin is very resistant to the elements and will last for many years. Its also safe.

For the soil mix you can use a bagged potting mix or make your own potting mix using peat moss/coco coir, perlite/vermiculite and compost/worm castings.

For setting up the drip irrigation line we are using half inch drip tube as the main line and quarter inch tubing as the emitter line. We are using the fan bubble emitter. This provides great coverage while being inexpensive.

Finally we plant our vegetables in the containers or pots we have for a wonderful vegetable garden which will last for many years.

Happy Gardening!


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