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In this Session 3 of Gardening Q&A, we answer some of your questions related to gardening in general. Although I cannot respond to each question, a handful of questions are selected in our garden Q&A episodes.

We carpet our homes but what about the garden? So I thought I’d carpet our vegetable garden to stop weeds invading my vegetable beds and to help grow better food crops!
Hey Guys, I don’t want people getting the wrong idea about this video thinking I’m advocating to use “carpet with chemicals” leaching into the soil. My aim is to merely show how SMOTHERING can be used in the vegetable garden to kill persistent grasses and weeds. I also use tarps, dark shade cloth (doubled over), and even heavy mulch such as straw or sugarcane. The idea is to kill the weeds/grass, which has invaded the bed in an organic way whilst still allowing microbes and worms etc to thrive. Cheers 🙂

Please watch: “5 Fruit Tree & Veggie Patch Questions”


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Grass Clippings Compost Vegetable Garden

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John from shares with you his top 12 Gardening that will save you time when vegetable gardening.

In this episode, John comes to you from his backyard organic vegetable garden and shares with you his top gardening tips that will allow you to have more time to do other things in life, grow food faster, and not have to tend to your plants or replant as often. You will discover many common and even uncommon gardening hacks that John uses to save time and get everything done in life.

Jump to the following time-saving hacks:
00:36 How to Save 1/2 the Time Learning How to Garden Online
02:05 Set up an Automatic Irrigation System
03:27 Start from Transplants to Have Jump on Season
04:55 Use a Bulb Planter to plant Transplant
06:01 Grow Low Maintenance Crops
07:11 Grow Perennial Vegetables
08:45 Grow Wild and Rambunctious Vegetables
10:28 Aerate Your Compost
12:13 Do Research before you start gardening – Grow What Works in Your Area
13:50 Grow in Nutritious Soil and Use Good Amendments
16:06 Use Mulch to Cover Ground
17:17 Grow Crops that Grow Quickly

After watching this episode, you will learn 12 Gardening Hacks that are sure to save you some time when growing your own organic fruits and vegetables in your garden or on your farm.

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गर्मी आते ही सब्जियों की बहार आ जाती है।आप भी अपने Garden / खेत पर सब्जियां उगाना चाहते होगें
इस video में बहुत ही साधारण उन सब्जियों को बताया गया है ।जिन्है आप अपने बगीचे और अपनी छत दोनों जगह बडी आसानी से उगा सकते हो

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