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This tour is just a general update. The growth is fantastic. I stress the importance of a spraying schedule as the main tip. You can buy ‘damaged’ flowers from stores and nurse them to health to save a lot of money. I use sodium phosphate for snails and slugs. Most of the garden has been mulched and the composter is hot composting. Now is the time to start your sprays in many areas.

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Gardening When It Counts – Steve Solomon

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A few NEW things in the garden this year. Fruit Tree Update and Crazy Cat video. Container Garden has new sun shades to protect from heat. Growing Corn for the first time and a new lettuce variety called Black Seeded Simpson is a winner and yields big harvest. raised bed square foot vegetable tomato gardening

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On this week’s Row by Row Garden Show, we talk about fertilizers for your vegetable garden — what kinds to use, how much and how to apply them.

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John from shares with you 5 ways he “cheats” at gardening to harvest his vegetables sooner and get larger and bigger harvests.

In this episode, John will share with you some of his most important tips for planting out your summer garden. You will learn how he has plants he can almost harvest from the time he plants them into his garden.

You will also learn the importance of soil, and John transplants each potted plant in his garden using a specific method to provide the best home for the new transplant.

You will discover the importance of having the proper temperature when planting and why John does not plant his summer crops right after the last frost date.

Finally, John will share how he gives his plants a boost if they are turning yellow and may not be growing that fast.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:45 Tip #1: plant out the biggest plants you can afford
03:40 Support Me By Purchasing a GYGTee Shirt
04:10 Tip #2: Have the best Soil You can possibly Get
07:18 Tip #3: Planting into Garden Properly
14:04 Tip #4: Plant into your garden at the proper time
16:20 Tip #5 :Give Your Plant a Boost

After watching this episode, you will learn the 5 ways John “cheats” at vegetable gardening so he can harvest his crops sooner rather than later.

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