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Aiko visits her ojiisan’s (Grandpa’s) vegetable garden, where he grows soramame (broad bean), naganegi (leek), piiman (green pepper), naganegi (onion), kyuuri (cucumber), suica (watermelon), okura (okura) and jagaimo (potato). Her ojjisan drives 13km to get to his garden plot that he rents outside of Tokyo city in the prefecture of Chiba. Aiko then cooks and eats the soramame.

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Join Robert Norris, Associate Professor and Associate Botanist at UC Davis, as he discusses home vegetable gardening. Topics include tools needed, recommended reading, ground preparation, planting dates, selection of varieties, and seed planting depths. Series: “California Master Gardener Lecture Series” [7/2002] [Science] [Agriculture] [Show ID: 6675]

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After the growing season has ended, the next thing you’ll need to do is winterize your soil for vegetable gardening. Find out about winter soil preparation for vegetable gardening with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.

Expert: Teca Thompson
Filmmaker: Rudi Rose

Series Description: Veggie gardening requires you to take a wide variety of different things into consideration, including the time of year. Learn about veggie gardening basics with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video series.

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By : Dr Jo Elworthy

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John from answers your organic gardening questions including : What veganic fertilizer would you use for growing a citrus tree in a container? How do I get your tree collards? Are coconut fiber sheets the same as coconut fiber lining? What should I treat wine boxes with so I can grow in them outside? How do you grow in the Hot Summer in Austin, Texas and much more..

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
02:43 What are the invertebrates used with aquaponics?
03:24 How do I get tree collards?
06:02 Have you ever used hugelkultur or Takakura Composting?
10:35 Are coco fiber sheets the same as coco fiber lining?
12:05 How should I treat wooden wine boxes to grow in outside?
13:37 What kind of watering system should install to grow tree collards?
14:57 Veganic Fertilizer for Container Citrus Tree?
21:12 What advice do you have growing in the summer in Austin, Texas?
25:00 Have you ever considered beneficial predatory mites?
27:38 How about a video on LED lights or selling LED lights?
29:11 Why can’t a plant be trained to grow from zone to zone?
32:22 Can I add limestone to my tomato plants?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

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John from goes on a field trip to Urban Hydro Greens to share with you how you can grow microgreens year round inside your home. In this episode you will get a tour of the 1,000 square foot warehouse that produces 1000 trays of micro-greens each month to feed the residents of Las Vegas the most nutritious leafy green vegetable ever. In addition you will learn how you can grow microgreens in your home ANY time of the year.

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John from shares with you what he is planting in the winter time in his front yard raised bed garden. He is planting a variety of starts. He also shares what is currently growing in his garden in Northern California

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By : Dede Cummings

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