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Vegetable container garden JULY 1st UPDATE harvest and patio deck gardening how to start plant small tomato seed and pepper cuttings. Organic soil fertilizer cucumber trellis grape and pole bean vines, fig fruit trees roma soup recipe.

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Hello! Take a scenic tour thru the Organic Container Garden filled with fresh vegetables. learn how much to fertilize and water with tips on growing your own healthy raw food recipe. how to grow fruit trees and grape vines

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Thanks for visiting the Freshcutky organic gardening channel. This channel focuses on my journey, as I work to build my own cut flower farm. In the garden, I will answer some of the most common “gardening for beginners” type questions I get, including growing flowers from seed. Growing greens and beautiful organic food is something I’m really passionate about. Thank you for joining me as I learn to grow flowers, vegetables, and more.






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Many ornamental flowers and cut flowers are TOXIC. ALWAYS do your own research and take responsibility for the plants that you introduce around your kids, pets, and everyone else. Use common sense when handling plant materials: wear gloves, always wash hands, avoid contact with face, etc. NEVER consume any plant which has not been positively identified with complete certainty to be safe and edible. Before planting anything, research to determine whether specific flowers are considered invasive where you live or if there are laws that apply to their planting in your area.


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@freshcutky documents the pursuit of my goal of one day owning my own cut flower farm. Along the way, you’ll see random projects, cooking, and of course – growing stuff. I’m not an expert, and would never claim to be. There’s always more to learn – this is my journey. The purpose of my blog, and other social media accounts (including YouTube) is to share ideas. I do my best to offer information that is useful, but reliance on that information is strictly at your own risk and NOT a substitute for professional advice of any kind. I do not create sponsored content or use affiliate links unless they have been explicitly stated above.

A few NEW things in the garden this year. Fruit Tree Update and Crazy Cat video. Container Garden has new sun shades to protect from heat. Growing Corn for the first time and a new lettuce variety called Black Seeded Simpson is a winner and yields big harvest. raised bed square foot vegetable tomato gardening

Step by Step vegetable gardening tips, how to plant a container garden sugar snap peas pole beans lettuce tomato pepper radish beets organic raw food diet salad with a funny cat named Squeak

Vegetable Garden Before and After Rain Update

Welcome to North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking with Hillbilly Jilly.

Here you’ll find guides, tips and information on #vegetable #gardening, #cooking, #canning and long-term food storage.

I show you how to prepare classic comfort #food #recipes along with new recipes proven to satisfy and delight. You’ll learn how I grow all organic heirloom vegetables from seed to harvest to preparation, free of pesticides. Grown as nature intended in my Texas #garden.

#Home DIY projects, spring and fall vegetable gardening in north Texas, garden planning tips and information of all sorts are being added every week to help #people succeed as gardeners, learn to #cook and add new recipes to their cookbooks!

Learn about canning your vegetable garden harvest. We show you how to pickle jalapeno peppers, make hamburger dill pickles and much more.

I also go over in detail, how to save your seeds for next year’s garden; save and preserve your cumber, squash, zucchini, cantaloupe.

I hope you enjoy my videos – I try to bring you useful #life tips and how to guides on all things gardening and cooking.

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Hillbilly Jilly

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Hillbilly Jilly North Texas Vegetable Garden Update June 2017

A quick update on our garden progress as of June 2017. Our garden was planted using all organic vegetable seeds and heirloom seed varieties.

Growing vegetables organically without pesticides!


Join us as we learn together and share our garden do’s and don’ts.

● Growing Heirloom variety veggies
● How to and DIY vegetable garden projects and ideas
● Fruit and vegetable canning
● Cooking and recipes

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Please watch: “Echinacea Tea – Flower and Plant Harvesting “
Hashbrown Casserole ~ Easy

How to Pickle Whole Jalapeno Peppers ~ Easy Beginner Method

The Best Easy Made Hamburger Dill Pickles!

The garden is taking hold and everything is growing strong. Ive been harvesting lots of Kale, Lettuce and some Radishes. The Peas and Tomatoes have their first blooms. Raised Bed square foot gardening how to start a garden plant tomatoes vegetables

A quick video on my aquaponics system. also a portable system that is fully automated small and portable.

Here is an update to our previous videos of our 2012 Spring Vegetable Garden. Now you can see detailed view of what we have growing and us harvesting some good thing that are ready to eat….
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